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Film: "11 Years"


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The science fiction love drama “11 years”plays in the 22nd century,when an old man is rich enough to afford himself being transferred to an artificial, young and healthy body for a period of exactly 11 years. He gets in struggle when he meets a young woman and falls in love with her while hiding the truth about his real life.


Together with my colleague Paul Leyendecker, we were responsible for the conception, drafts and visual development for all interfaces seen in the movie. Furthermore we developed a recognizable corporate design for the fictional company “C – TEC” as an important part of the film. An innovative and futuristic interface design played a tremendous role by supporting the message and the unique look of the film.


CI development

Holo Table

Fingerprint - Scene

medical screen

futuristic menu

platform - scene

11 Years

Film (Sci Fi Drama)

Director: Simon Begemann

Executive Producers: Simon Begemann, Feodora Frickert, Christina Greiner, Jan Jungbluth, Andreas Schultze

Graphics Lead Designer:Markus Sauerbeck

Graphics Lead Animator:Paul Leyendecker

Location: Nuremberg, Germany

Dec. 2014

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first price “Mittelfränkisches Jugendfilmfestival“ category “professionals“

first place ki'ta:so Festival 2015 (shortfilms)

BEST VISUALS and BEST SCRIPT - Beeston Film - Underground Film Fest

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