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Nürnberg, Germany


Holopac is a tribute to Pacman, one of the games from the very beginning of computer games. But this time the player is Pacman itself. Surrounded by walls, he tries to collect all points on the gamefield and avoids to get eaten by the evil ghosts.


With a team out of four people, we won the Hackerthon competition at the Fraunhofer Holodeck in Nürnberg with this game. The task was to create an application within 48 hours considered for the Holodeck at Fraunhofer.

My part in the team was to develop the visual language for the game, that always has to be balanced with the processing power of the smartphones. Another part was to create the 3D objects like the modular wall system and the opponents.


We are very pround, that a lot of visitiors and investors from companys like Audi, BMW, Merlin Entertainment or the founder of EA Games have seen and played our application till now.

Picture: Franziska Baur


The entire imagefilm is still not officially published, but you will find a link here soon.

official info

official info

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Nürnberg, Germany


After the Hackerthon, we met several times, to bring everything forward, for example we tried out the implementation of the PC Game GTA 5 in the Holodeck - amazing experience.


We are still developing content for the Holodeck.

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